My name is Alesya Krauchunas and I am a photographer. 

Why did I choose this particular walk of life? The answer is quite simple. I’ve spent almost all my adult life with a camera in my hand. Whether it was a regular phone, mirrorless camera or professional equipment. I loved just flipping the shutter and seeing beautiful results on the screen. It was a funny, meaningless hobby. Nothing more. 

Then I wanted not only to click, but to capture every moment of my life, every memory. Since then my skills have moved to a new level.

Now everything has changed. Each person sees the world in his own way. So do I. And now I want to show the world my own vision. To show the beauty of every single person, even if he doesn’t see it in himself.

That can be done in different ways, but I chose the most approachable one for me. And the most beautiful one. And that’s photography.



+1 (408) 476-34-04

Santa Clara, SF Bay Area, CA, USA

Instagram: www.instagram.com/alesya.krauchunas

Facebook: www.facebook.com/alesya.krauchunas

I’m open to nutty ideas that I will be happy to bring to life!